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Advise for Genuine Clients

Been finding myself bumping into some serious idiots lately, so here, if you can be bothered to take few minutes, will improve your time with me for sure!!

There are a number of essays and lists of 'dos and donts'for escort clients available on the internet, but I dontthink it hurts to add another one because it gives a broader view of what different working girls consider important.  This is not a list of my personal pet peeves, but rather commonsense advice and warnings against behaviors I know annoy most escorts, including me in particular.

1) Dont ask rude, stupid, pointless or prying questions, or those to which you dont really want to know the answer.

 My own pet peeve is 'Are you clean?' Now, think about this for a minute; do you honestly think an expensive call girl wont be?  And if youre dealing with a streetwalker, do you honestly think she'll tell you the truth if she isnt?
Just keep your eyes open and be as scrupulous as we are with condoms and you wont have to waste your time with this rude and pointless question.  
Then theres, 'Whats your real name? If she wanted you to have it, dont you think she would've given it to you?  

* Again, both rude and pointless.

An even worse (and unfortunately far more common) one is,What do I get for my money?If a girl ever answers this question with anything more specific than,'You get an hour of my time' you should suspect that you're being taped because no experienced girl worth the money would ever say anything else.
The last category includes such questions as, How many men have you seen today? or Are you married? or Has anyone ever hurt you? Maybe the real answers would turn…
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